Decluttering—Keep What Serves You

Yesterday was Purim—a day we received a lot of food gifts and some chatzkas. That means that yesterday was also a decluttering day. As I received things, I put what I didn’t want straight into a bag to give to others. Fortunately I can offer these items to my co-workers—an easily accessible way to donate!

It wasn’t that these things were bad. I just couldn’t picture myself enjoying them—whether it be sucking candies or an apron decorated with ice cream cones—it just didn’t serve me, didn’t mesh. I wanted it to go to someone who would truly appreciate it.

So I was very happy when a co-worker asked if the apron I put on the community table was up for grabs. She loved it.

Getting rid of things can be hard. By focusing on making space for things that we deeply want and how our items may bring others deeper happiness—we can more swiftly declutter!

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