How The Torah Portion Relates to Current Events

This past week’s Torah portion said “Every man whose heart inspired him…and everyone whose spirit motivated him…” donated materials to the tabernacle (Exodus 35:21). This reminded me of how people are being generous now with their time, their resources: shopping for quarantined friends, placing calls to those who may be lonely at this time.

The following parsha (Torah portion) is the start of the Book of Leviticus. We never really learned this in school, since it was all about sacrifices and not very interesting. Taking a closer look, it does get more eventful after the first two parshiot (plural of parsha). But even in those seemingly mundane first two parshiot, there is what to relate to. The description of the daily sacrifices which are brought may be tedious, but so is life. Life is not meant to always be exciting or constantly stimulating.

We have completed a week of social distancing (or more, depending on where you live); it is not as novel as it was a week ago, yet it is still our reality. And the challenge is going to be to find meaning and inspiration as we go about our daily routines.

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