Differentiating Between My Inner Child and My Actual Child

When we started social distancing last week, I was confused. We decided on no playdates, but neighborhood walks seemed okay. We kept our distance when speaking to people, even my toddler daughter did. There was one time though that as we were chatting, a child picked up a bug, which my daughter soon after picked up. I knew the virus could live on plastic, but what about on the shell of a ladybug?

This question led me into a tailspin when I got home. I felt so guilty for allowing this to occur. It took me a while before I could show myself compassion and accept that all of this was such new territory and the whole thing was a learning experience. My husband was very understanding and kind about the whole thing; we decided that long neighborhood walks would be off the table from now on.

I continued to think about why I am prone to giving in to my daughter’s desire for adventure and I realized that I too desire adventure! I also wanted to go on a long scenic neighborhood walk, which is why I was so quick to follow her lead.

And I realized that I was not providing myself with enough self-care in this area.

The next morning I went on a long scenic neighborhood walk early in the morning, before my daughter woke up. I had a delightful time and after that I was ready to better assert myself and my delineated boundaries with my daughter and her requests for various activities.

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