Cherishing the Outdoors During Social Distancing

I’m very grateful that social distancing is happening during the rebirth of spring. The world is in crisis, but the trees are glowing in their greenery and flowers of red, orange, and pink are blossoming abundantly. It truly raises my spirits in this difficult time.

The past few days my tot and I have been spending A LOT of time outdoors. And I realized that when I put our yoga mats or towels on our yard and my daughter’s table and chairs on the patio, I felt like we were really living outside. Even when I was later indoors and I glanced out at our furnished backyard, I felt like a part of me was still outside. It was even more calming than looking at the beautiful, peaceful garden itself.

When we furnish a space we declare it as ours. And in this time, when so much is limited, I am making the most of my outdoor space.

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