My Dad’s Office: Part Three

My new job is in a different state, let alone a different institution. But memories of my father’s office have become more vivid in the forefront of my mind ever since I began my new dietitian/diabetes educator position 5 weeks ago. There are aspects of this job that remind me of my father even more, such as pre-charting for future patient consults. After my father suddenly passed away in 2006, we found papers he had pre-prepared for future patient appointments. My father had a motto, ‘If you could get something done now, then why not? It will only help you in the future!’ I had used this work ethic in college when studying for organic chemistry and other pre-med classes. And no matter at a job, or while in school, it surely has paid off: making room in my schedule for unexpected events or affording me greater peace of mind, enabling me to feel less rushed.

At my new job, with the mix of paper charting and electronic charting, I find reuniting with patient paper files to be quite nostalgic! It reminds me of when I used to help out with charting at my dad’s office, as I referenced in My Dad’s Office: Part One.


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