Connecting to Childhood Self: When Was the Last Time You Were Unprepared?

In a recent conversation with a childhood friend we reminisced about how much we missed growing up. And how much more fun it was than the humdrum of adulthood. A bit later that day, I found myself in a sort of middle-school-type scenario. I got my period. But I didn’t have my supplies!


The last time that this happened was when I was a teenager. Certainly not now when I am planning everything all the time. Trying to stay ahead of everything; on top of everything. (This time the bag was ready to go, just my sleep-deprived self somehow forgot to put it in my work bag).

And I realized that this little bit of spontaneity is a big part of what made growing up magical. (It was hard too! But I’m not addressing that here).

And being caught red-pantied connected me to my teenage self in a way that nothing else really can. Except for maybe talking to a beloved childhood friend!

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