Overprotected Turns Dejected

I forgot my snack
And you brought it to me

I missed the bus one morning
It was more like 3

You drove me to school when I was late
You said everything I did was perfectly great

Now I’m grown up and I don’t know how
To struggle, to cope, I can’t disavow

All the support that I got from them
It was a crutch, now I’m faltering


Who’s gonna save me now?
Who’s gonna help me figure out how…
I got problems I can’t solve
My mind throws a tantrum
Anxious thoughts—
My new anthem

How can I be angry for being supported
My success anything but thwarted

Yet somehow I look back and I wonder
What would life have been with a bit more thunder

A bit more drama, some more frustration
I think I OD'ed on your adulation

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