Mindfully Musicking

What is mindful musicking and is musicking even a word? Now that I’ve written a book of poetry, I think I’ve earned my poetic license, LOL.

I am here defining mindful musicking as mindfully listening to the radio. I’ve noticed when I meditate regularly, I have a different relationship to the music I hear on the radio. I notice the way the words/narrative make me feel. As well as the impact of the melody, rhythm etc, on my mood. I am no longer afraid of silence, since I’ve cultivated stillness in meditating and practiced being with myself. So if I notice a song rubs me the wrong way or engenders negative emotions when I was in a previously even-keel or happy emotional state, I will simply turn off the radio.

During my commute, sometimes I turn on the radio to distract myself. Other times, I start singing and improvising my own songs. Sometimes I open up my window to hear the singing of the birds. Or I take a few deep, nourishing breaths.

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