Living in the Moment Showcased in “Coming to America” Movie

I want to make a GIF (if that’s not copyright infringement) of Eddie Murphy’s character coming out of his apartment and exclaiming “GOOD MORNING Queens!!!” (It was then followed by someone yelling “Fu** You!!!” asking him to be quiet.)

Here was an African prince in awe of the slums!

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler and other righteous rabbis, as well as pious men of other religions, have been known to choose to live in poverty, simplicity.

Rabbi Dessler said he got joy from a plain slice of bread. These righteous men slept in uncomfortable beds, lived in small, dingy homes. They found materialism blocked them from spiritual connection and so they sought out little from their physical environs.

The above “Coming to America” scene is the epitome of living in the present moment. No expectations, no social comparison, just looking at your life as if you are seeing it for the first time and being IN AWE of it.

That is living in the moment. That is being present.

And that is an experience that is accessible at EVERY MOMENT of our lives. If we but only quiet the noise, and let it in.

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