Tisha B’Av: What’s It Really About?

I love what a friend of mine did to make Tisha B’av meaningful and full of good deeds.

I really think that’s what it’s about.

Yes, I did complete the fast, but that is the physical aspect; I also sought to surround myself with goodness and to be good on Tisha B’av.

To live with joy, and in the moment.

To help my daughter and her friends play outside—we did some soccer drills and went on a nature walk (they are 3 yo).

That is what it’s all about.

The literal Halacha is nice. Well, more than nice. It does preserve our people!

But I believe if we stop there, we lose.

We have to step off the page.

We have to convert our actions to transform our very beings.

Our very experience of life itself.

Our very relationships.

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