Abs Radiate Strength

Watching Level Up music video by Ciara

Those moves!

I’ve always loved how strong dancers are.

In ballet, the strength translates to grace.

In hip hop, the strength translates to strength. As in, you feel the strength, the energy oozing out of the dancers.

Having a strong core is awesome.

In PT recently I’ve been building up my TA muscle . I can tell it is helping my dance moves. It is also making me more self-confident and assertive.

Women are strong.

Women have the potential to grow another human being inside of them.

When you combine a strong core with the ability to bear a child, it’s no wonder watching women dance is so captivating. (They need some good choreography too!)

Can you imagine what would happen if we came together with our feminine strength?

If we bonded together, to make the world a better place?


Blows my mind.

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