Happy 20th Anniversary to Me…

…for getting my driver’s license!

I can’t find the polaroid I took to commemorate the day, which happened to coincide with a kickass haircut that I got earlier that morning. Perhaps living in a different state than my hometown is a barrier to locating said polaroid. I wonder if it’s where I saw it last…

In any case, I find more meaning and joy in celebrating the milestone instead of pining over the location of the event’s photo/keepsake, so here goes!

That haircut was life-changing—my first empowered bob. In high school, I ended up straightening it with a flat iron, but later in life, realized that if said bob was layered, it worked great curly.

Recently, I’ve reconnected to other memories growing up. I took up relearning piano (on a keyboard) and ever since I ‘ve had memories of not only practicing piano, but of my recitals as well. Since then, I’ve had many more recitals of sorts! But there’s something special about reconnecting with that butterflies-in-my-stomach moment from my piano recital when I was seven years old.

Then there was that morning I arrived at work to find a nutrition article on my desk. Well that shot me right back to my high school days, when my mom and dad would leave a newspaper clipping of a nutrition-related article on my pillow. And I sat with that feeling of support and nurturance for a moment, treasuring such a cherished memory.

The past may be far away, but these warm memories stay close to my heart.

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