Super Bowl-Valentine’s Day Mash Up

How is this night different from all other nights?

Well, I can’t remember the last time the Super Bowl was two days before Valentine’s Day.

I’m not sure why the Super Bowl is later than usual this year.

I’m sure there’s a great reason.

So I’m shopping in the supermarket buying things with my five-year-old daughter to start prepping our home for the Valentine’s Day dinner we are having this Tuesday. She decided a few days ago, she wanted to buy decorations and Valentine’s Day cupcakes to be paired with the Valentine’s Day balloon she ebulliently purchased (via her mama) a few weeks ago.

We are all decked out now.

In the supermarket this afternoon, I was struck by the combination of Valentine’s Day desserts alongside cakes with a football on them.

And it hit me—what a beautiful marriage between the masculine and feminine today. Force versus softening. Pushing oneself versus self-compassion. Playing hard versus loving with an open heart. Place yours here:________________.

Art is a beautiful thing. It’s technique and prowess combined with soul and spirit. In many ways, football is art. And in certain ways love, aka Valentine’s Day, is not merely about hearts and flowers, but about setting firm boundaries. The lines between these two days are blurred; they are not two separate distinct entities. But football has a more masculine energy versus Valentine’s Day.

Here’s to a fun and festive Super Bowl Sunday and a happy and heartwarming Valentine’s Day!

Stay tuned for more upcoming Valentine’s Day posts!

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