Self-Publishing: A Behind-the-Scenes View

I have a love/hate relationship with marketing to my friends. I love my friends. And I hate marketing to them.

I want to get the word out about this wellness newsletter as well as my latest book. Since it is part of my wellness private practice, and therefore, a significant source of income for my daughter and me. At least I would like it to be.

I know a lot of people have a dream to have a job they find fulfilling. And for a while I was lucky to have such a job. I worked as an outpatient dietitian for a decade and made ends meet. I even worked overtime certain years.

It was soul work to help clients with their health, but something was missing. It was a lot of indoor office time. And not so much free-flowing creative writing.

Creative writing has been an oasis for me for the past fifteen years since I began. I delved into it as a way to begin grieving over the sudden loss of my father. It was my tried and true companion as I emerged into adulthood, attended grad school, became a young professional, navigated dating relationships and new friendships, navigated marriage, learned the ropes of becoming a new mama, learned the ropes of each and every phase as motherhood evolved, dealt with the challenges of marriage and subsequent divorce, and navigated the transition to becoming a single mom.

I left my 9-to-5 nutrition job a couple months back as the divorce paperwork was piling up over mountains of emotional trauma that were already present. I noticed I couldn’t be fully present for my emotional healing, nor for that of my daughter.

I had to leave this full-time job, which also had weekend obligations and had no remote work options to speak of.

I continue to apply and interview for remote jobs in the fields of nutrition, wellness, and writing.

And I will continue to do so.

That being said, I would love for my books to bring in income.

It was my hope when I published my first book in 2016, a project which I set out to accomplish six years prior.

It’s a hope that I let extinguish a few years later, cuz it was too darn disappointing that it didn’t come to fruition.

I want my work to speak for itself. I want people to read it because they feel something is missing in their lives and my writings help fill that void, help them gain clarity into their own challenges, feel less alone, inspire their own creativity.

But I’d be lying if I said I would be disheartened if people bought the book simply to support me along this journey.

I know I am not alone in having desires, hopes, and yearnings. It is my hope that we can each achieve that which we most yearn for. For years, I have been working on shifting from a mentality of scarcity to abundance, from one of judgment and shoulds to that of hope and higher purpose.

Thank you for your engagement,


Check out my latest book, Inner Piece: Decluttering a Soul. Available on Amazon here.

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