Growing a Business, Growing a Self

Something that I have recently noticed and become in awe of is how in pursuing my nutrition private practice, I am not only building my business, but I am growing myself! The life lessons I have learned are countless. I feel like I am a more mature person because of it; that it has taught me more about the “way of the world.” Don’t get me wrong, when I was close to landing a full-time job with benefits (healthcare!) I was ecstatic. But there is something about this entrepreneurial venture that grows me in a way no other job can. The level of faith and patience that one has to have to build a business from the ground up is enormous. I know because I don’t have it most of the time, and it is hard!

Another thing that being an entrepreneur has taught me is the art of marketing oneself. Now, this is very hard for me, and I am still mastering the act of putting oneself out there and promoting one’s work, but what I have learned more quickly is how to receive other businesses with whom I interact. I used to feel bad for saying no to a business/organization who wanted me to use them, or to donate money, etc. But now I realize that there is nothing to feel bad about at all. Their role is to do their best to promote themselves and succeed, and my role is to listen to my heart and give them the answer that feels right for me.

On the flip side, when I distribute business cards and call back potential clients, they have every right to refuse my services. And it’s NOT personal. I shouldn’t feel personally affronted or rejected. I have every right to promote my services, and they have every right to decline them.

This sort of know-how is helping me navigate this real world a lot better. I am feeling less emotionally overwhelmed, and more chilled out about things. Less pressured to please others, and more confident to follow my path.



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