The Irony of Checking the Temperature on One’s Phone

This morning I was going to check the temperature on my phone. Again. But I’ve been trying to use my phone less this past year, since I don’t want my daughter exposed to screens. Plus, I have a propensity to being hooked on technology and find it healthy to reduce my usage in general.

So I’ve started opening my front door to check the morning temps. I don’t care if it’s cold (plus I live in the South, so really how cold can it be?). The cold air is much preferred to relying yet again on this hand-held device which is slowly but surely taking over my life.

When I stand outside for a moment after arriving home from work or when I go for a walk on the local nature trail on the weekend, I notice a distinct difference whether or not I am carrying my phone. Looking at my phone surely sends my mind into the digital realm, but even having it on my person makes me a little less present. Which is why I generally do not bring my phone on said excursions.

Nature helps us be more present. It grounds us (where do you think the word “ground” comes from?!).

Checking the current temperature on my phone is therefore quite counterintuitive. I am getting out of touch with nature (going on my phone) in order to get information about nature (the temperature).

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