Helping Others Attain Well-Being

When I was in college I had an epiphany that rather than be a doctor, I wanted to help doctors, and other professionals, lead their greatest life—by providing nutrition and exercise counseling to them. I ran on a treadmill prior to every organic chemistry exam I took and I attributed my clear and calm thinking during these exams to my jog. I wanted to share that runner’s high with others, as well as my passion for healthy eating which was cultivated by my parents growing up.

That was the moment I became passionate about helping professionals attain a higher quality of life.

I continue to enjoy this role of helping other’s attain an optimal quality of life—both as a nutritionist in private practice as well as an early childhood educator. As a baby room teacher, I meet mothers and fathers who are balancing parenthood with their careers. Often it’s figuring out the right balance of hours to work while maintaining time for raising one’s family. Other times it’s switching into a different career—one more fitting for raising a family, or one that is simply more fulfilling.

And while I am not providing these people with nutrition counseling, I am providing them with a listening ear and an attentive heart—rooting for them as they venture into the next step of their unknown path.

There’s a part of me that still wishes I got a PsyD or dreams of being a doctor (MD or PhD). But working with families who are making career-related decisions is exciting for me. Maybe I’ll always have a vestigial yearning to be a psychologist or a doctor, but instead of being frustrated about what could have been, I like to focus on how my own journey and the decisions I’ve made help me to relate to others’ journeys.

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