Cool as a Cucumber: Bringing Healthy Snacks to School

Some people assume that if they give their child a healthy snack, they will stand out from their peers in a bad way; the other students will think they are weird, or more likely, their kid will feel bad for having to eat carrot sticks while their friends have gushers, or the like.

But that was not the case for me. I was always the kid with the carrots, or the apple—or, in high school, the yellow pepper slices—but it didn’t faze me one bit. Sure, a couple of times I traded for a piece of candy, but most of the time, I not only happily ate my veggie or fruit, I even gave some to my peers, wanting to provide them with a nourishing snack as well.

I took pride in eating healthfully, that I was helping my body be strong and healthy. And I was happy when others followed suit and would sometimes bring fruit, inspired by my example.

With healthy food—as with all lifestyle choices that are healthier yet unpopular—one’s attitude makes all the difference. My parents modeled for me a love of nutritious food and feeding one’s body with healthy fuel—that is the message that I received about healthy food, and that is the message that I happily impart to others.

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