15 Seconds for Your Health

Having worked in a hospital setting for 7 years, I am very conscientious about hand-washing—I make sure to rub my soapy hands together for 15 seconds! Whenever I go to the school bathroom, I am reminded about this procedure by the sign posted about the sink. That is to be expected.

What’s unique is when I come out of the bathroom, I am greeted by another sign! One which states the Jewish blessing that one can make after using the restroom.

I began reciting this blessing at some point in my teenage years, but more often than not, I have said it quite quickly, mumbling it under my breath in order to get back to what I was doing.

Some homes, as well as schools, have the custom of posting a sign with the blessing on it—to help people remember to pause and focus on the words they are saying. And perhaps, to invite others to simply consider saying it at all.

Well, last week I wondered to myself, “If I can take 15 seconds to protect my physical health, can I take 15 seconds to guard my spiritual wellness?”

And I found that while sometimes I am simply too rushed to get back to the task at hand, other times, taking a few seconds to pause and enunciate this blessing is feasible.

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