Personal Growth after Becoming a Parent

This past week I attended a very inspiring talk about parenting and educating children. It was about finding the balance between love and limits and how to better prepare our children to deal with frustration and struggle in school and in life. Also, on how to motivate kids to find and cultivate their unique strengths.

When I left the talk and walked back to my car I felt so uplifted. It was a feeling similar to that which I had when I attended seminars on personal growth in my twenties. I was inspired, I had greater clarity, I felt lighter.

Then I remembered that I was driving back to my home, where my 13-month-old daughter was fast asleep. I am a mom! I have an adorable and delicious toddler! It was as if I had to remind myself, my psyche of this. This was the first inspirational talk on personal growth I had gone to since becoming a mom. It highlighted for me that I am evolving on two distinct, yet connected, planes, one, my growth as an individual, the other, my growth as a parent.

I didn’t change who I am when I became a mom. I’ve shifted priorities, yes. But rather than changing who I am, I simply added an extra layer.

This imagery helps me feel grounded in myself and my lifelong journey, while maintaining the ecstatic excitement in my still-new title of mama.

Note: For more information about the speaker, Dr. David Pelcovitz, click here. So much to learn, and he is such a great teacher!

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