Resistance to Yoga, Then Once I Start I Don’t Want to Stop

Often I feel too tired, unmotivated to do my morning stretches/strengthening exercises. In the event that I simply do not have the time I reschedule for another part of the day, or simply miss doing them altogether. But those mornings when I feel the resistance and then choose to do it anyway, I inevitably get into it—my tension melts away, and all I want to do is continue doing poses and or breathing exercises.

That moment when your brain keeps going and going and you FINALLY get it to stop. And there is peace. And there is stillness. And you forget what you were fighting all along and simply soak in every moment you can in this blissful state. Praying that you don’t have to give it up, while knowing you surely will—to go and attend to daily tasks and responsibilities. To live the life you are trying so hard to find meaning in.

A Yoga Practice Brings Insights As Well As a Feeling of Lightness in One’s Body

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