Fresh Perspectives From Yoga Practice

One of the benefits of doing yoga, or performing any stretching and strengthening exercises, is the mental shift it provides. When I do yoga in the morning, it provides a foundation for my day—not only with regards to helping me align my spine and engage my core in my day-to-day tasks, but it also leads to insights I likely wouldn’t have otherwise had. Doing yoga opens my joints, as well as my psyche to fresh perspectives.

One of the thoughts I had recently following my yoga exercises was this:

While most days inevitably bring stress, we are all trying. I am trying: I am working hard in my full-time job while spending as much quality time with my daughter during my workday and outside of work as I can. My husband is trying: He is studying hard for his online course and staying open to job opportunities as he continues to build his portfolio. My toddler daughter is trying: She is working on understanding how the world works, and how her actions make an impact on it.

This thought engendered more patience within me as well as a greater reserve of compassion.

Doing Yoga Enhances Focus and Brings New Insights

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