Connecting to Family Roots: The Passover Narrative

The Haggadah is the book we read at the Passover seder. It details the history of the formation of the Jewish people; it is meant to connect us to our ancient narrative and draw strength as well as gratitude from it.

This year I was especially grateful for sharing the Passover seders with much of my extended family. We got to read the traditional text of the Haggadah and share our thoughts. We also got to jump off the page and reflect on our own personal narratives: struggles, challenges, and successes.

Celebrating the seder with the same cousins as 15 years ago is very special. Toddlers have turned into teenagers, twentysomethings into youthful fortysomethings, and uncles and aunts dote on you just as they have done each year—and they are absolutely obsessed with your one-year-old daughter.

It’s a unique opportunity, a healing energy: being present with these same beloved individuals after all these years. Reinforcing our family narrative, our personal journeys, as we recount the ancient story of our people.

Family Recounting the Passover Narrative While Reflecting on their Personal Journeys

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