Smart Ways to Bypass Your Smartphone

I was recently discussing with my friend how we are each trying to decrease our reliance on our smartphone. In a previous conversation I shared how buying a wristwatch was helpful for me so that I don’t have to check my phone every time I want to know the time. Because when I do check the time on my phone there are inevitably times when I see that I have received a text and then my mind (and the rest of me) follows in whatever direction that text alert takes me…

My friend mentioned that she had dinner with a friend (in person, gasp!) last week and this really helped her feel happy and fulfilled. She realized how nothing can replace in-person interaction and she is striving to find more ways for deeper connection and true happiness.

Our friends may not always be available to grab dinner, but here are some other options:

1-Call a Friend.

2-Yoga—or any type of mindful movement. A great way to quiet one’s internal noises. And if you want to make it more social, do it with your friend—OR a more flexible alternative—set aside a time with a friend where you each commit to doing yoga in your respective homes.


4-Practice an Instrument


6-Draw or Paint

7-Go for a Walk in Nature

What other things can you think of that bring YOU deeper happiness?

What Brings You Deep Happiness?

One thought on “Smart Ways to Bypass Your Smartphone

  1. I want to do all of these things mentioned. I am horrible at looking at my phone and falling into the social media rabbit hole.


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