Our Zen Den

I have been having a lot of fun in setting up the rooms of our new home. It started out empty and I am determined to keep it as close to that as possible: decluttered, bare. Store our things in the closet, a few pieces of furniture—not too much to take away from the space and the beautiful wooden, clean floors.

The space feels very zen. It has a calming effect. And I want that to continue.

I lived in a studio in New York City a few years ago where I was similarly dedicated—left half of it, well more than half of it, completely clear for me to dance and make dance videos, to do yoga and Pilates, to feel airy and light.

So too here.

But when we moved our TV in something changed. We put it in the center of the room and it totally dominated. Which is why we switched it to the side of the room. Sure, it’s not opposite the couch now, but I hardly have time to watch TV anyway. And I rather sit on some folding chairs (or the floor! Or stand!) while watching TV than allow this zen, calming room of mine to turn into a TV room.

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