Trader Joe’s Filled My Cup

There is an idea in Judaism that Shabbat, aka the Sabbath, is meant to infuse the rest of the week with meaning and fulfillment; that the blessings of Shabbat are meant to flow into the rest of the week.

I felt this sort of sentiment this past week when I went to Trader Joe’s on Sunday. I stocked up on wholesome food products for the week. Furthermore, earlier that day I spent the morning cooking up recipes for the week’s lunches and dinners.

This combination of cooking as well as stocking up our fridge and cupboard for the week made me feel calmer as the workweek rolled around. I felt nourished on Monday, Tuesday, and beyond knowing that I had a foundation of food beneath me and my family.

Maybe it’s not as holy as the Sabbath, but since Judaism believes in uplifting the physical and the mundane, I think that this practice of preparing food for the week, while not halachically (Jewish law) permissible on the Sabbath itself, is part of the greater message of the Sabbath: Fill your cup and nourish yourself. Rest. Restore. Reboot.

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