Emergent Curriculum and My Teaching Style

In reading about emergent curriculum, I like how it jives so well with my desire to be client-centered. I always wanted to inspire my pediatric patients to think for themselves when giving them nutrition education. Instead of saying, “Don’t drink soda,” I would show them a chart with sugar content of various drinks and ask them, “How many spoons of sugar are in cola?” “How many in the water?” “Is that a small, medium, or big difference?”

I wanted to cultivate their own curiosity, have them figure out the answer themselves,.

That’s why when I started reading about emergent curriculum I was delighted. I felt so at home.

A method that validates using a person’s own curiousity and inquisitiveness as the catalyst. for learning.

No longer do I have to feel bad for not being that dietitian that doesn’t tell people everything they need to know.

That’s simply not my style.

What is my style: Emergent learning!

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