Emerging as a More Whole Me

Recently I started teaching Pilates sessions again. I have been certified since 2006—the summer before my father passed away—I love you Dad! Thanks for always believing in me!—and have been teaching on and off ever since.

I am thrilled to be teaching again. By helping others work their core muscles, I am using a “muscle” (well, many muscles) that has been lying dormant for a few years. And with that dormancy, a part of myself has not felt alive.

Teaching Pilates and/or yoga (I am also a certified yoga instructor) makes me feel like I am following my calling, like I am whole.

At this same time, I am studying emergent curriculum as a preschool teacher. A model which is child-centered, and very much focused on creativity and bringing out each child’s unique potential.

I watch as both these journeys unfold simultaneously:

I see myself emerging.

I see emergent curriculum as an incredible new tool to learn about as an early childhood educator.

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