Inner Child Work: It’s Not You, It Was the Group Setting

Over the past decade I have read books and attended seminars about healing one’s inner child. One time in the preschool classroom where I work, I was reminded of this concept.

A child was crying and we were all getting frustrated about how to calm him down. And I realized that if this child were in a one-on-one childcare setting, less pressure would be felt to calm him down. The energy of the space would be calmer. We wouldn’t be concerned about the impact his cries had on the dynamic of the group. Obviously we would still want to calm him down for his own well-being,. but that extra pressure to do so wouldn’t be there.

The message here is: It’s not you, it’s the group setting.

Much like when I was in elementary school and I called out from time to time. The teachers would admonish me. But they didn’t intend to tell me that I was flawed. Simply that I had to act more in flow with the rest of the group.

It’s this type of looking back and reinterpreting our childhood experiences that is the healing nature of inner child work.

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