Why Today is Significant

Today is the day before tomorrow and tomorrow I am traveling back to my childhood home for a memorial for my father. He passed away 13 years ago, and every year since family and friends from the community have gathered to remember him and honor him with words of Torah—that part is my brother. He learns a tractate (aka chapter) of Talmud each year and discusses how it relates to lessons he learned from our father in how to live a rich and meaningful life.

This trip back home is significant this year because it is just that, a trip. The last time I attended my father’s annual memorial was three years ago when I was living in NY (which I did my whole life, except for gap year and college). Two-and-a half years ago we moved to Atlanta. The past two years we didn’t travel back for it because I was either very pregnant (2017) or focused on maintaining successful performance at my full-time job as a mother (breastfeeding on demand, sleepless nights, etc) as well as my full-time job as a preschool teacher (2018).

We always Facetimed in, but obviously that wasn’t the same as being there in person with the 40 or so friends and relatives who adored my father. And while I took copious notes on my brother’s speech, I couldn’t feel the powerful, palpable energy he annually creates in giving over his deep, emotional thoughts.

So today is a big day. Because tomorrow we are leaving for NY.

And I can’t wait.

My Father Was the Best Role Model. This Weekend We Commemorate Him

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