Vacation: An Opportunity for Fresh Perspectives

I was blessed to spend a week visiting my family over winter break. I’m going back to my teaching job this Thursday, but still “off” these past few days. Being “off” doesn’t have the same meaning it did a few years ago. I still have to take care of my toddler daughter and I still have to make money to support my family.

So today I worked on my newly-acquired typing job for a few hours. One could say I was not on vacation, but truly I was.

I was taking time for myself. I was getting work done in the calm, relaxing setting of a coffee house. I even heard a couple of fave songs from my childhood overhead. I was focused and UNDISTRACTED. Oh man, did it feel good!

When I was in college studying, it was like, “Oh man! I have so much work to do. Life is so hard!” But years later as a mom when I FINALLY get a few hours of peace and quiet to get sh** done, it’s like, “Thank G-d! I can finally work in quiet and just focus on this task!”

A vacation does NOT have to be some expensive getaway. It can merely be a change of pace. Doing something you don’t usually do—that would be mundane to others, but is refreshing to you! And keeping an open mind as you observe the sights, smells, and sounds around you in this different setting.

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