New Year, Same Ol’ Me

Every year I make a New Year’s Resolution and every year, one month later, I can’t even remember what it was. This year, aside from learning how to play the ukulele (not to be downplayed ;)) I am not making a New Year’s resolution. I am continuing the work I have been doing this year: being a mom, being a working mom, being a patient mom, being a wife–a patient wife. I am working on continuing to survive all the responsibilities that this entails, and perhaps even thrive amidst it all.

2020—I can’t think of a more inspiring number for a year! Maybe this year hindsight won’t be the only thing that is 2020—maybe I will have more clarity in life as it unfolds!…

This New Year’s I am working on self-acceptance and self-compassion as I continue down the road of life.

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