New Year, New Outlook: Lessons from Swimming

Last week on New Year’s Eve I had to share a swimming lane for the first time. It was especially busy. I was fortunate that someone kindly offered that I could share their lane—gym policy, but still not an easy thing to do (on either end!).

It worked out fine. I stayed next to the rope better than I thought. Then this morning I had to share again. This time a woman offered me to share her lane. I again stayed straight and found an additional perk to sharing a lane—having to be more creative about when I do which stroke: doing backstroke and breaststroke only when I had the extra space and we were not swimming alongside each other.

I found I was less in my head when I swam this morning, less focused on the proper order and more spontaneous and out of the box. That—in addition to the water—was quite refreshing!

Do you ever have something you dread that then turns out fine?

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