The Significance of a Dot

During my lunch break today I had to call the bank where I have my nutrition business account. They recently got taken over by another company and my online log in wasn’t working. I spoke to the kind clerk who helped me set up the account two years ago. (Side bar: having this ongoing relationship makes the process much more pleasant—since it’s more personal and I feel at home. This is not to be taken for granted in 2020 as things keep getting more and more digitalized!). She said I had to email her a photo of a signed sheet to update my contact info before I create a log in for this new company’s website. Ok!

I took her email down and sent it. A moment later, I see my email was denied. “Must be something with this new bank’s security,” I thought to myself. I called the clerk. I had forgotten to put the dot between her first and last name. In Gmail it doesn’t matter, but other places it does! I re-sent it.

This reminded me of the teaching my mom recorded in one of her Torah (Bible) notebooks that the white spaces in the Torah Scroll are just as important as the black letters. In a similar vein, I’ve learned that every part of each letter in the Torah is significant and holds meaning.

The dot in the email address was the difference between successfully sending the emailing and it being denied.

Life is quite fast-paced, but truly even little things, small things we may easily glance over, can be significant!

The dot in an email address makes all the difference!

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