Gym Scheduling Mishap; The Road of Life

This morning I realized I had forgotten my goggles and swim cap after I was already en route to the gym. Having to go back meant getting there a little later and possibly not getting my own lane because of it. After I turned the car around, my morning was off-track, I wasn’t supposed to be where I was.

But what does that mean? I wasn’t where I was “supposed to be.” And why did I feel off-kilter my whole gym session and into my getting ready for the day?

Rationally I know wherever we are, where we exist, is where we’re supposed to be. Otherwise we wouldn’t be there. But what can I do to get that nagging feeling away?

Maybe part of the answer is in an experience I had last week when parking my car at the gym. I totally misaligned with the parking spot I was aiming for (it was 6 am after all!) yet then I noticed I fit perfectly into the parking spot next to it; so I took that spot.

What this taught me is that there are more parking spots in the sea! Not to be rigid. To be open to possibilities, to be open to the unexpected.

“Don’t put yourself OR your reality in a box!”

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