Corona Unites and Divides

This is a weird time for the world.
I hope it gets better and we all get through it emotionally and economically. And, of course, health, first and foremost.

I see a lot of emotional, mental repercussions—it’s a global stressor that we all, each of us, needs to manage in our own way. It is uniting in that we are all experiencing it. It is dividing in that we may be triggered in different ways and impacted differently—we all have our individual sensitivities. And in this way, in the varying ways we react, in the ways we cope, we may become divisive. In addition to the fact that stress makes people more edgy and we are ALL stressed.

Perhaps if we can remember this—that we are all dealing with stress in our own way, and give each other the emotional space (not just physical ;)) and permission to deal and cope as we each feel necessary—I think this will help.

We are all experiencing this together, but our experience OF it, may be different. And that’s ok, because we are different—every individual is a unique reflection of G-d, created in the image of G-d.

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