A Few Words Provide Big Encouragement

In my book The Roadmap Ends Here: Entering Adulthood, I have an essay entitled, “Adulthood: Where’s the Confetti?” where I discuss my challenge with not receiving positive feedback and adulation like I did when I was a student. I continue to struggle with this, yearning for praise and positive feedback for what I do in life. I want to be recognized for the good work that I do, or a creative project that I make. I’ve read that true acknowledgment can only come from oneself, but I struggle with still wanting it from others, and I am often anxious until I get it.

This morning I was very grateful to receive a message from an elementary school teacher of mine sending her best and expressing praise for the young woman I’ve become. A taste of what it was like to be a student: to be encouraged, to be patted on the back. That message made my day.

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