Super Bowl Hangover: Lessons from Tom Brady

Last week I was on the fence about rooting for Tom Brady or not. After all, give someone else a chance, right?

Then I had a conversation with a beloved relative of mine that made me shift mindsets. She said that growing up, Brady wasn’t the best; that it was hard work, diligence, and perseverance that got him to where he is today.

Growing up, I had several peers that were smarter than me—you know the ones that get As without studying. I always prided myself on my work ethic and diligence. Not to mention, I love how it feels when I see all my hard work paying off (since often I am still in the process, and do not get this positive feedback!).

Showing up day in and day out isn’t always easy. Often, it’s not. And so Tom Brady’s success is a testament that hard work as well as accountability pays off. This puts a spring in my step during my otherwise humdrum daily grind.

In his book Shift, Peter Arnell, has a line about how people watch action movies but many do not bring that inspiration into their own lives. I am not one of those many. A few weeks ago I watched Wonder Woman 1984, as well as Frozen 2. (Elsa kicked butt just as well as Women Woman, in my humble opinion). Watching those movies did convey a sense of awe, bravery and courage. It helped me tap into my own internal resources of strength, resilience, and ingenuity.

Tom Brady is like Superman, but human. With diligence and discipline he defies the natural course of aging. He is healthy and fit and still leading his team to Super Bowl victories. And he’s not even a fictional character, he’s a real, live person!

That’s pretty awesome.

Hats off to Tom Brady!

And to everyone who keeps persevering and putting in the work in their own lives. Hats off to you!

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