Wonder Woman: Journey Toward Self-Reliance

Spoiler alert: Contains information about Wonder Woman 1984.

In the recent Wonder Woman sequel Diana Prince was sulking for 40 years, unable to move on from the loss of her beloved. I don’t want to even begin to put myself in her shoes for this tragic loss. The aspect I want to focus on is how she was Wonder Woman, as well as a respected artifact expert Diana Prince. To the outside world, she was beautiful, intelligent. But inside she was depressed, downtrodden, down on her luck. You never know what people’s internal experiences are.

Another thing that seeing this character’s experience brought up for me was thinking about how she considered giving up her special powers to keep her love there—that is something I can relate to my previous fear of being alone when I was dating in my 20s. I neglected myself and my creativity—the fire inside of me dulled. I was just getting through the day, but not connecting with my deepest passions and zest for life. Until that summer in 2014 when I decided to take myself to the beach every weekend and make daily/weekly dance videos. Later on that year, I added to that doing some stand up comedy at open mics for beginners. That was when I committed to nurturing my spark. To making myself happy. I was no longer following the narrative that I have to wait to be with someone else before I could feel truly joyful.

That was my turnaround.

I used to fear that being happy on my own would block my future life partner. I’d be too whole. Too complacent. Too OK on my own.

But that was just a myth.

After years of thinking like this, I stopped being scared that being happy on my own would dictate that I would be alone forever.

I stopped looking to someone else to make me happy.

I gave myself permission to be whole on my own.

And wouldn’t you know it, I ended up meeting my future husband 6 months later! (Ok, I was lucky as F that it happened so quickly, but the point is, YOU can get unstuck. You can CHOOSE YOU. And you will still find your life partner. In fact, probably even more quickly!)

Wonder Woman, Superhero, Strong

For more about my journey, check out First Comes Self-Love, Then Comes Marriage.

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