Bills, Bills, Bills: The Ease of Digital Bill Pay

I think G-d thought that if he made things easier for us, it would make cultivating a spiritual connection more accessible. Like: less time in the field, farm, or coal mine and more time to thank Him for the abundance that we
have. We’re not busy washing our clothes in rivers or grinding our own wheat. I mean no one likes laundry or meal prep nowadays either but it’s so much quicker than it used to be!

What do to with this newfound free time?

Be grateful. Bask in the bliss of modern conveniences!

Or, we could get lost in our minds and spend more time stuck in worry. Our hands less busy, our minds start to wonder what else we can do.

Sure we are not physically exhausted as we used to be, but there is something mentally exhausting about doing so little.

For example, I always dreaded paying bills as a kid: watching my parents get out the check book, etc—the drudgery of paperwork! I feel so relieved that now as an adult, all I have to do is a couple clicks online. The thing I dreaded for so long didn’t even end up happening!

Yet when I do pay my bill online, I have this deeply rooted fear. “That was so easy! There must be something else I have to do!..This is too good to be true!”

And so the time I “saved” turns into a trip down the rabbit hole. It’s not a very long trip, but it’s still not fun.

Today, I paid a bill online and when that moment of anxiety came on of, “How can life really be this easy?” I recited a psalm. Just to acknowledge that G-d has been sustaining me and my family and to pray that he continues to bless us and sustain us in good health and happiness. 

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