School-Life Balance

Previously I wrote about school-live balance evolving into work-life balance. I do think schools can do better at helping people have school-life balance, in allowing for time for hobbies and down time. I also know I did play a couple sports and was on college bowl and mock trial and model UN—not all of them at same time. Perhaps I could have done fewer scheduled activities. But I did enjoy them and learn from them!

What I really think is the culprit (oh how my mind loves to blame things/people—including myself) is that I watched TV for an hour (or more!) after school. It was my release and where I sought mental relief. But looking back, I could have been doing more drawing and writing then. And oh boy, would I have been doing it outside in my yard, if my current hobbies are any indication of what my past years could have been! But believe it or not, I wasn’t always this crunchy. I actually didn’t like sitting in dirt growing up. Thankfully I overcame that aversion! Nature is the b-e-s-t!!!!

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