When Life Gives You Melted Crayons…

This past Sunday, I left crayons on my beach towel which was sitting on my lawn in the sun. A few hours later, I saw they had melted. “Gosh,” I thought, “my beloved Jumbo crayons which I’ve been using for my newfound drawing hobby. I will miss them dearly!” I will be ordering new ones soon.

My husband was not surprised. He knew crayons were made of wax and as such can and will melt in the sun.

I thought about how we were going to clean my beloved beach towel (a graduation gift from my cousin years ago), and then I realized I wanted to use the melted wax to make art. One, because I wanted to use what was left of my beloved crayons and not have them go to waste. Two, because it was an exciting opportunity to use a different medium to make art. Three, because it looked like a fun sensory experience.

I had a fun time of it.

As to whether I can repair my beach towel, that remains to be seen…

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