Bad Day (Jazz Rap)

This was supposed to be a bad day
But it turned out good
Not like it should

Look at my eyes
See the surprise
See the demise
Of joy, my energy

Last night kid got the best of me
Cried that her PJs were drenched with pee

Looked at the clock
It was midnight
This ain’t right

My wake up isn’t till
-an hour before-
Morning light


If you were driving in my brain
You would crash

So much fog 
Knew I wouldn’t last
A whole work day
Started my day aghast


Started my daily tasks
Helped people out

Spoke with friendly co-workers
They allayed my doubt

Hours later I look back
Now feeling fine
Feelings of hope have started to shine

How could you do this to me universe?
This is not at all what we rehearsed

I was feeling glum, I was feeling bad
I kept going and then ended up glad

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