Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle wrote a great book by this name.

Thinking about the importance of staying in the moment. Often I anticipate the future and get anxious. But the truth is, when we arrive at that moment, things will be different than our projection of it. Because we bring our whole selves into it and that will help us cope. It’s fruitless to imagine something ahead and we don’t have our greatest resource—our presence, and tapping into the present, which taps into G-d.

Sounds pretty high and mighty. But it’s really true. We can’t predict how we will deal with something until it actually happens.

Case in point, I always dreaded being told we wouldn’t be able to renew our lease of the house we are renting. Yesterday it happened, they notified us. I felt daunted by it all. But I also felt like it was right. It was meant to be happening. And having just gotten through a heavy conversation with a friend about serious topics, finding out about the house didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would. I didn’t spend as much time in denial as I had thought I might. Rather, I sped into action.

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