Chasing Our Tails

Recently I took my daughter to the dentist. On the way back, when I got on the highway, I realized it was the same entrance ramp I get on and off of every day when I go to work (I had just come from the opposite direction). I think that going to the dentist with my daughter is a distinct activity from going to work. I have to take PTO, etc, etc. It’s a hassle. But getting on the same entrance ramp made me realize that everything in our lives is one.

We won’t always be in the same geographic location, but everything is connected. It is our life. And G-d is watching over us.

It’s hard to feel G-d’s presence in everything we do.

It’s hella hard!!

Earlier that morning, I had an image in my mind of running after someone who is running away from me. And I realized that if it’s linear, the other is running away from me, but if it’s on a circular track, it may look like they are running away from me, but really they are chasing after me!

How crazy is that?!

We feel like we are chasing after a friend, chasing our own tails, chasing after G-d. We are constantly seeking, searching, yearning.

If we could but stand still for a moment and turn around. We will see the other person coming at us with arms wide open. And we would share that solid embrace that we both so desperately desire.

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