Empowered Life

When my father suddenly passed away. I took two weeks off my college. The second week was to sit shiva, the tradition of morning in the Jewish tradition. When I got back to college, not only did I keep up with my work, but I excelled just as well, if not more.

Maybe G-d is giving me this experience of moving now to put in the forefront of my mind how resilient I am. How I can handle things. Like “You got this!”

They say we use 7% of our brains, or whatever the number is. Well, I think we use 7% of our soul capacity on a daily basis. It takes trauma, it takes something to shake you up—to show you what you are made of. To uncover and unleash that 93%. We are so much more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for.

But we forget this again and again on a daily basis as we run around like a chicken without a head, trying to piece our lives together.

So I’m grateful for this reminder. I survived my father’s sudden death. A few years later, I survived being mugged.

I got this.

G-d is on my side and empowers me in my every breath.

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