Yo Quiero Taco Bell

In 7th grade we had a school sleepover and I wore a t-shirt to sleep that said “Yo quiero Taco Bell” and had a picture of the chihuahua from the commercial. My whole childhood I was self-conscious about wearing shirts with words on them. I didn’t want to make a statement, make waves, offend someone, stand out. I remember another t-shirt I had growing up with the name and logo of the white-wafter rafting company that we used on our summer visit to Colorado. I don’t recollect wearing it much.

I was real good at being self-conscious.

Maybe that’s why I get so giddy about sh** that other people take for granted. Like making close friends or feeling good about myself. This sh** hasn’t come easy to me. After all, I am my own enemy. I’ve been blocking myself and holding myself back, hiding.

So if I can come out and be me unapologetically?

Well, that’s a damn miracle!

G-d is good.

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