Why School Kills Creativity Part 3

Really this may as well just be the title of my blog site, y’all.

This comes up so much for me, if but indirectly. Usually it’s pretty direct though.

I just ordered oak tag on Amazon.

I had flashbacks of doing a book report in 5th grade.

But this ain’t no book report.

This is me planning my next dance cover parody video.

And then I think, “Shoot, man! Why did school have to give me all those projects? I could have been making up my own projects!”

Like, I did not have enough time for fun sh** like this when I was a kid.


My mom and her cousin made plays growing up.

So maybe school doesn’t rob one of one’s creativity. Maybe too much screen time does!

I think it’s a combination of the two.

Either way, I am having so much fun making up dance cover parody videos.

What makes you giddy?

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