To Arrive

Four years ago, I arrived (pun intended) in Atlanta, bright-eyed and bushy tailed to get the hell out of NYC.

Well, my hubby and I took longer than I expected to get settled financially and career-wise (having our first child 6 months after we moved contributed to that!), but 4 years in and I feel a great sense of ease and relief.

We truly are where I aspired for us to be when we moved here 4 years ago.

I was pondering why my life feels so good right now, and I realized that the very reason I feel so high on life is because I am reaching goals which I set 4 years ago before we took the leap of faith to start a new life in Atlanta.

Thus, the following poem:

feel the pain and cry for what you want to be different
what changes you can go about making
set small, realistic goals
modify and adapt, as needed
achieve these goals
live in your personal Gan Eden
reaping the fruits of your labor
joyously celebrating that your
prayers have been answered

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