Soft Spot

When the Force (see previous post) finds her lifelong mate…

Deep inside, there’s something tender 
Can’t see it—only feel it 

It’s only for me and Gd
And for the one who proves worthy 

I will share my deepest self,
My most vulnerable inner part

Because you promised me
That we would never ever part

You dedicated your life to 
Being parallel to mine 

The strongest kind of sacrifice
That you will ever find 

I felt safe when we met 
And we expanded it from there

You proved to me over and over
That you truly, deeply care

And so my soft spot glowed 
It was ready to be seen

The shame of all my years
Set aside from the wisdom I would glean

From your insight 
From your love—
Yes, it was unconditional 

I’m grateful for your saving me 
From that time in life—transitional 

I was afraid I’d never leave 
That I would always be—

Jumping from one guy to the next
In fake ecstasy 

Flying high, soaring 
And then dropping down real hard

Feeling a superficial connection 
But lacking the safety of a real foundation 

With you, I can be myself 
I can share my fears 

And I know you’ll never leave me
Not in a thousand years 

The greatest sacrifice was made
You signed your life to me

And now it’s my place to return the favor
And fill your life with glee 

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